At Hayleys, caring for the Environment is inbuilt in our ethos; it is made up of a host of small, simple and inexpensive ways to much more elaborate steps that have stretched across its network of companies inRead More

Customers and Suppliers

Our customers range from a US homemaker who purchases a pair of rubber gloves, to a rural Sri Lankan farmer who uses our agrarian inputs; Mc Donalds who purchases the gherkins we add value to; a Sri LankanRead More


At Hayleys, we believe that people make the difference between a good organization and an excellent one. The Group consists of over 30,000 employees. The aspirations, competencies and commitment of our people are at the heart of allRead More


Hayleys’ enterprise is conducted amidst diverse communities both in Sri Lanka and overseas. The Group, as a leading conglomerate and FMCG Exporter in Sri Lanka, is mindful at all times of the impact its operations may exert onRead More

Our Brand

Sri Lankan at its core, Hayleys is multinational in its operations. It takes renowned international brands into the heart of Sri Lanka. It strives to bring out the best from the resources of the country – natural, humanRead More

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