Hayleys’ enterprise is conducted amidst diverse communities both in Sri Lanka and overseas. The Group, as a leading conglomerate and FMCG Exporter in Sri Lanka, is mindful at all times of the impact its operations may exert on these communities and conversely, the impact community considerations may have on its business.

With businesses that are widespread, the impact of our activities on our stakeholder is broad-based and far reaching. We have remained and will remain mindful of the impact of our interactions with all stakeholder groups. The spread of our activities across the country, has resulted in our companies being an integral part of the communities they operate in, and hence, assessment of societal requirements are part of everyday interactions at these localities.

Our CSR initiatives strive to follow one of our core beliefs – that CSR should be “hands on rather than hand outs”. We thus try to share our knowledge, time, minds and physical strength wherever possible, as we have found this to be of mutual benefit, with greater fulfillment being one of the benefits to the contributor. This philosophy provides the broad guidelines for our group CSR initiatives which are decentralized and carried out by respective companies.

Our subsidiary companies carry out these tasks through cross functional internal CSR teams. They liaise with principals (for funding) & local entities to gather information on prospective projects. Company employees are also consulted to come up with ideas for projects. Each year subsidiaries attempt to engage in at least one CSR project.

Additionally we are guided by the principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) to which we are signatory.