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Forest Replanting Program (FRP)

Twenty-seven estates spanning 13,000 hectares of land, spread over the three agro-climatic regions of Nuwara Eliya/Dickoya and Yatiyantota/Bulathkohupitiya, under almost equal extents of tea and rubber – this constitutes the Kelani Valley Plantations (KVPL) portfolio. Of this landRead More


At Hayleys, caring for the Environment is inbuilt in our ethos; it is made up of a host of small, simple and inexpensive ways to much more elaborate steps that have stretched across its network of companies inRead More

Go Green

MIT Cargo’s ‘Go Green’ programme comprises four main initiatives, i.e. ‘Recycling of polythene,’ ‘Food waste,’ ‘Paper collection’ and ‘Drive Green’. The Company also plans to introduce several more elements to the programme in the future. Under its ‘RecyclingRead More

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