At Hayleys, caring for the Environment is inbuilt in our ethos; it is made up of a host of small, simple and inexpensive ways to much more elaborate steps that have stretched across its network of companies in its 132 years history.

Our efforts have been two pronged. One is to proactively design and manufacture products that protect the environment and second to minimize the impact of our activities. Whilst being conscious of the fact that profit is the raison d’être of business, we are mindful that sustainable profit does not happen in isolation of our People and our Planet. Our efforts to minimize are challenging as a majority of our businesses are in manufacturing. With manufacturing facilities located in Thailand & Indonesia our responsibility is not confined to Sri Lanka and extends across Asia.

With the need to combat climate change made urgent over the recent years we are mindful of the need to enhance our R&D in environmental protection products whilst intensifying our efforts to minimise.

We take pride in our diverse array of eco-friendly products & services, ranging from activated carbon, coir fiber pith, horticulture products, and our in-house R&D which has pioneered many turnkey solutions for the purification of gases, air and liquids. Not satisfied with merely complying with environmental regulation, we are increasingly seeking ISO and other accreditations from reputed bodies.

Apart from manufacturing, we also represent leading global brands in agriculture, consumer products, industrial solutions and transportation & logistics. Our choice of the most appropriate principal, is not based merely on how commercially attractive the liaison would be, but also compatibility on the eco-friendly principles that we hold dear.

Hayleys have continuously focused on implementing “best practices”, by investing in waste water treatment, air purification, recycling of latex waste/ spent activated carbon, reducing gaseous emissions, noise control, sewage disposal, conservation of energy, recovery of waste gas heat systems, replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy- mini hydro and wind power plants etc.

This is the Hayleys commitment – to preserve environment in our own unique way!