We at Hayleys, respect the privacy of each person who visits our website. We commit towards maintaining the highest standards required in order that any personal information you may consent to share with us is protected in accordance with the regulations and statutes that govern such information. You are not required to share your personal information with us in order to access our website. In the event you are prompted to share personal information by us or any of our Group companies, we will inform you of the nature of information to be provided, access to your information and removal / change of your information as necessary.

“Personal Information” is information that you will share with us about yourself, such as name, telephone number, email address, etc, which will be used to identify you as an individual who has used and accessed our website in specific circumstances which require the sharing of personal information.

Each of our Group companies may have their own privacy policies and updates and we advise you to visit their websites in order to peruse their policies prior to using any services / products or otherwise offered by them.


We will be making updates / changes to our privacy policy from time to time. Any changes made to the policy will be updated on this page and for any significant changes of the policy we will also take steps to make you aware of the same by providing a more conspicuous notice such as via email. You are encouraged to visit this page from time to time in order to apprise yourself of any updates that may have been made to our privacy policy.


We, Hayleys PLC and our Group companies collectively and individually obtain personal information by your consent through mediums such as our career portal – whereby you will be required to share your Curriculum Vitae (CV), our online websites for purchase of products / services and through bookings on hotels, airlines, travel etc.

Each company in our Group may have individual requirements for purposes of collection of your personal information and such, parameters, requirements and details will be listed independently on each website. We and our Group company websites shall also be updating our cookie policy accordingly and you are advised to peruse the Hayleys PLC cookie policy by visiting the link herein.

We will obtain your express consent in order that we may collect your personal information and will provide details of purpose of collection, what details are required and how your personal information may be collected by us.

We may choose to retain your personal information to the full extent of any period as provided by law and statute. We may also choose to delete your information from our databases after a required number or years and / or if the intended purposes for which we have collated your information is completed or no longer relevant.


In the event you are submitting a CV to the Hayleys PLC Career Portal through our website http://www.hayleys.com/ we will require information such as name, age, telephone number, email address as well as other additional details such as gender, educational qualifications, previous work experience and other relevant matters which will enable us to assess the information for purposes of our requirement.

You will be sharing such information with us with full knowledge and consent of the same and may choose to not share certain information as per your requirement. However, please be aware that withholding of certain information may affect our ability to accurately and timely process your application and we will not assume any responsibility with regards to any delays / non-processing of your application in view of the same.

Although you may be granted access to your personal information in accordance with the guidelines below, please note that such access granted will not allow you to track the progress of your CV or any decision that may be taken by us in respect of the same.


We will be obtaining your express consent in order that we may accept and retain your personal information in our databases. You may at any point retract your consent for us to possess your personal information, by which we will immediately take steps to delete your information from our database.

You may request from us to alter or delete your personal information from our portal at any point.

However, you are informed that any retraction of consent / deletion and / or alteration of required information may affect our ability to accurately and timely process the information for our requirement.

You will only have access to your personal information and we will require some form of authentication in order to verify that the information you are attempting to access belongs to you. You will not be granted access to information that you are unable to verify as belonging to you.


You are informed that any information you may choose to share via email may not be secure and we urge you to not share sensitive information such as bank account details, credit card details or any other personal details you would consider as being sensitive in nature via email.

However, we undertake to not provide your personal information to any third party who does not have a legitimate right to view the same unless prior consent is obtained from you.

In the event us or any of our Group companies provide links to external websites, please note that we do not have any hold over nor do we control any content, practices or any other function of those websites and we will not be responsible for any action taken by the said websites. Providing access to external third party websites does not constitute our endorsement of the same and the contents of our privacy policy will not apply in respect of any such external / third party websites.


You may contact us at any point with regards to any queries, complaints, concerns or otherwise regarding our privacy policy and we will take steps to revert to you within a reasonable period of time:

Achala Kodippilli

Hayleys PLC, 400, Deans Road, Colombo-10