A strong and diverse team of over 31,000

We pride ourselves in setting up our teams for success by inclusion and diversity initiatives through 31,000 employees across 16 business sectors. This is our strength, this is the fabric woven across our world – the World of Hayleys, rich in traditions and values that are held sacred over its 145 plus years of history. History has not worn us down nor has it made us a legacy only to be spoken about, but we remain an agile force, made fertile by the experiences, knowledge and diverse views, shared across sectors, across functional teams, poised for success, and fulfilling each other’s dreams – We are proud to be an ‘Equal Opportunity Employer’ as one of the top companies in Sri Lanka.

Over 31,000


Our Culture

Our people are the energy that drives us forward. We constantly push boundaries and break barriers as we forge ahead. Our corporate values guide us in everything we do and the decisions we take.

We are at the forefront of attracting; developing and engaging with exceptional people that can help drive our business into the future.

At entry level, we seek out individuals that are able to make a difference with their ability to think out of the box.

Our strength lies in our differences, not in similarities. For decades we have been taking on the toughest challenges by coming together across departments and sectors to find the best solutions and investment in Sri Lanka.

We nurture a continuous learning culture that regularly trains existing employees to satisfy skill demands as they arise across the organisation. Our learning compromises of on the job training featuring cross – functional and cross – sectoral exposures, coaching and mentoring relationships as well as structured training programs.

We are committed to not just creating roles that help you grow and develop but roles that help you broaden your experience, whereby opening up opportunities to new roles and new challenges. You will own your career and have the power to advance to great heights.