Local in thought. Global in reach.

The World of Hayleys Logo is a vibrant symbol encapsulating the value-added sectors and activities of the company. Within the spherical framework of the world, it expresses the whole being greater than the sum of its parts – that Hayleys cultivates local global linkages, stands visibly and firmly behind its portfolio and confidently identifies in every aspect of its business.

Our color green – embodies the strong focus on the environment as a business and the lush freshness of our locally produced goods. It also showcases how we as a brand drive growth, whilst passionately embracing and leading in innovation in all business we operate in.

  • The principle color green embodies “caring for the environment”.
  • The globe depicts the world, the global reach of the Hayleys brand as well as the sectors of business symbolic of making up “The World of Hayleys”.
  • The font used depicts the strength and stability of the Hayleys Brand, indicating a heritage and continuity into the future.