Products include rubberized coir mattresses and sheets used in bedding and furniture. For horticulture applications we manufacture coco pots and moulded basket liners. We pioneered the manufacture of moulded coir pots used in automatic feeding machines.

Industrial Fibre

Exports include bristle fibre, twisted fibre, coir fibre pith, pith briquettes for horticulture, twine, woven geotextiles, stitched erosion control blankets, vegetation fascines and coir beds for ornamental and decorative “fancies.”

Surface Care

Our products comprise a varied range of brushes for industry and household use.An array of coir and rubber based mats including scraper mats, woven coir and cast iron mats, flocked mats textile based looped pile mats, bath room mats and other specialty mats, most of which are our own innovations, with designs and processes patented…


The Plant Biotechnology Complex at Dessford Estate, Nanu Oya houses the Plant Tissue Culture Project. Hayleys Agro Biotech Ltd Contract propagates unique and difficult varieties on a commercial scale. The facility produces disease free, true to type of planting materials in a short period of time under sterile conditions.

Horticulture & Seed Production

Hayleys Quality Seeds & Flowers Division, is the only F1 hybrid flower seed production company in Sri Lanka with over three decades of experience. Our customers are top seed breeding companies from around the world, some of them even numbering among the global top five seed breeders. Over the years the company has been in…

Destination Management Services

Hayleys Tours is a Destination Management company which offers a range of facilities to meet the requirements of the discerning traveler. Representing several tour operators across the globe, it specializes in handling all aspects of destination management services including transport, accommodation, excursions, MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) and cruise line representation. The company’s long…


As a leading logistics company and aviation service provider, our scope of services includes airline agency representation, travel agency services, aviation equipment supplies, and ground handling. With nearly three decades of experience, we have been entrusted with operating several major air carriers in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Explore our logistics solutions.

Hotels & Resorts

The Hotels Division of Hayleys is involved in the ownership and management of city hotels and high end niche market resorts. Hayleys has also invested in several hotels in partnership with other leading hotel chains in Sri Lanka and maintain a significant presence in the Sri Lankan travel and leisure industry. The Kingsbury, a landmark…


We are a leading Marine Services provider in the region, offering a comprehensive range of services from vessel agency work to offshore support services and ship operations in a safe, responsible and cost effective manner. Our team of experts comprises of shipbrokers, ship operators, port and offshore professionals, ship suppliers, experienced cargo superintendents and qualified…

Terminals and Engineering

The Terminals and Engineering sector offers a diverse portfolio of services ranging from inland container depot operations to conversion of containers for temporary accommodation solutions. Our inland container depot, with modern container handling equipment is the first in Sri Lanka to be accredited with ISO certification. The logistics engineering unit offers standard Convertainer® – portable…