Hayleys Consumer Illuminates Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Stadium – Sooriyawewa for World Cup

The inaugural match at ‘Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Stadium – Sooriyawewa’ took place in Hambantota. Preparation for this much awaited cricketing arena has been relentlessly pursued during the past months, and Hayleys Lighting partnered with Philips to provide the flood lighting system for the stadium. Professional cricket is one of the world’s biggest entertainment industries…

Aluminium Extrusions

As a leading provider of the best-in-class commercial, industrial, residential, and architectural extrusion profiles, Alumex offers a range of breakthrough innovations through its expert capabilities in the world of aluminium manufacturing. The company’s superior product performance has enabled its expansion into international markets. info@alumexgroup.com +94112400332 Alumex PLC, Pattiwila Road, Sapugaskanda, Makola https://www.alumexgroup.com/ (Corporate Website) |…

Purification Engineering

Puritas also supplies biomass based power plants that produce thermal and electric energy. This provides additional benefits of cleaner emissions and the opportunity for clients to qualify for carbon Credits under Kyoto Protocol of the UNFCC. Our plants are designed, with some processes even patented in Sri Lanka, and are guaranteed to meet required standards…

Our Products

We offer products originating from quality assured processes which comply with international standards such as ISO 9001:2000 and British Retail Consortium Global Standards for Consumer Products. The latest technologies that have been systematically integrated into our manufacturing infrastructure ensure every glove we provide complies or exceeds CE, ASTM and other similarly recognized product standards.

Handling With Care

We derive our proposition of “Handling you with care” from the instinctive trust that customers place on us. It is a trust that has been earned by delivering on expectations. We create an exciting and engaging repertoire of products with substantial investment in research and development, meeting the ever evolving requirements of customers in over…

Our Facility

Our laboratories are equipped with modern state-of-the-art machinery to get the 100% accuracy in colour management. The Colour Management Laboratory is capable of handling 300 lab dippings per day with continuous maintaining of above accuracy level. The Quality Assurance Department ensures that high quality standards are maintained throughout the production process, until the fabric is stitched…


Products include rubberized coir mattresses and sheets used in bedding and furniture. For horticulture applications we manufacture coco pots and moulded basket liners. We pioneered the manufacture of moulded coir pots used in automatic feeding machines.

Industrial Fibre

Exports include bristle fibre, twisted fibre, coir fibre pith, pith briquettes for horticulture, twine, woven geotextiles, stitched erosion control blankets, vegetation fascines and coir beds for ornamental and decorative “fancies.”

Surface Care

Our products comprise a varied range of brushes for industry and household use.An array of coir and rubber based mats including scraper mats, woven coir and cast iron mats, flocked mats textile based looped pile mats, bath room mats and other specialty mats, most of which are our own innovations, with designs and processes patented…


The Plant Biotechnology Complex at Dessford Estate, Nanu Oya houses the Plant Tissue Culture Project. Hayleys Agro Biotech Ltd Contract propagates unique and difficult varieties on a commercial scale. The facility produces disease free, true to type of planting materials in a short period of time under sterile conditions.