Singer Sri Lanka

At the Hayleys Consumer and Retail Sector, we are renowned for marketing and distributing not only world-class consumer products, but also our own premium quality locally sourced products. Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC is the leading consumer durables company in Sri Lanka with a team strength of 1600 focused on elevating and enriching the lifestyles of Sri Lankan families.

Hand Protection

Perfecting the science of hand protection. Founded in 1976, Dipped Products (DPL) is a world-renowned rubber glove manufacturer that provides a continuous stream of high-value product innovations in protective hand wear. From eco-friendly gloves made out of waste plastic bottles, to exciting innovations that are at the forefront of fashionable functionality – DPL provides a multitude of gloves for industrial, household, and medical purposes, serving 5% of global demand in over 70 countries.

Eco Solutions

Rich heritage, sustainable innovations for the future… Reputed globally for innovative, tailor-made solutions, our team manufactures and distributes more than 100 products, both locally and internationally, serving the needs of diverse customers. At the origins of the Hayleys Group’s illustrious history, as its traditional manufacturing arm, today we are Sri Lanka’s leading, world-renowned manufacturer and exporter of eco-friendly, coir-based value-added products for homes, gardens and industries.


We are a world-class global manufacturing company and a leader in the coconut shell activated carbon industry. The activated carbon we produce – in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Thailand – is pivotal to a remarkable range of applications from air and water purification to antidotes in hospitals, gold recovery from ore, catalytic converters and super capacitors as a key high power energy source used in stationary energy storage applications like wind turbines and many transport systems like rail, trams and bus networks worldwide.

Industrial Solutions

As a premier industrial solutions provider, Hayleys Aventura (Private) Limited, provides a comprehensive range of reliable and top-notch industrial solutions, tailored to match specific business needs. We partner with some of the world’s best brands in engineering solutions, life sciences and industrial raw materials, drawing on these collective synergies to bring out the best possible solutions to our clients.