Hand Protection

Founded in 1976, DPL is presently a fully integrated and globally acknowledged rubber glove manufacturer providing a continuing stream of high value new product innovations in protective hand wear. Today DPL services up to 5% of demand in developed and emerging markets worldwide for natural and synthetic latex based domestic, industrial and medical gloves from manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Hand Protection

Handling you with care

We derive our proposition of “Handling you with care” from the instinctive trust that customers place on us. It is a trust that has been earned by delivering on expectations. We create an exciting and engaging repertoire of products with substantial investment in research and development, meeting the ever evolving requirements of customers in over 65 countries. The portfolio which exceeds 65 glove categories in 284 versions of proven performance is on offer to suit a multitude of occupations, tasks and hobbies of end users. 'Palmrite','DPL Occupational' and DPL 'Palm-Pro' are our power brands for Consumer,Industrial and Healthcare sectors.

Our Products

We offer products originating from quality assured processes which comply with international standards such as ISO 9001:2000 and British Retail Consortium Global Standards for Consumer Products. The latest technologies that have been systematically integrated into our manufacturing infrastructure ensure every glove we provide complies or exceeds CE, ASTM and other similarly recognized product standards.

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