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Environmental Performance

Sectors within the Group comply with domestic and international environmental standards while our raw material usage policy is focused on responsible product stewardship and the practices of the 3R concept- reduce, reuse and recycle for all raw materials that are procured.

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Environmental Performance

Environmental Management
Hayleys Group is committed to consistently reducing the environmental footprint in all sectors by improving the efficiency of its natural inputs and minimizing adverse impacts of it operations. Consequently, the Group was able to reduce its carbon footprint by 12% during the year 2015/16 with 9 sectors recording reductions in emissions.

Renewable Energy
Power & Energy is a core business for the Group and we generated close to 2% of the country’s total renewable energy supply, generated through hydro and wind power plants. During the year we commissioned two wind power plants in Elephant Pass with a combined capacity of 20 MW. In addition, 6 sectors within the Group also engage in the generation of renewable energy with the long-term objective of reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

A new Solar Power Plant of 10 MW capacity at Welikanda will generate approximately 14,000 MWhs each year supporting the state renewable energy strategies with expected revenue generation of 280 million rupees/ annum.

Water Footprint
During 2015/16, we implemented systematic mechanisms to monitor the Group-wide water footprint including comprehensive tracking systems. In addition to improving the transparency of our environmental disclosures, accurately tracking the Group’s water footprint has enabled us to identify opportunities for minimizing water withdrawal and wastage.

Waste and Effluent Management
All sectors within the Group segregate and dispose waste in compliance with regulatory requirements while recycling is encouraged and actively practiced across many sectors. Processes are in place to ensure that effluents discharged from our operations comply with all requisite water quality standards including BOD, COD, TSS, pH, oil and grease levels. 

Integrating Environmental Concerns with Business Processes and Activities
Hayleys PLC is committed to sustainable development and is acutely aware of the critical importance of adopting business strategies that fulfil stakeholder needs while also preserving and sustaining natural resources. As signatories to United Nations Global Compact, the Group has embedded the ten principles in all areas of its operations. The Group recruited a sustainability expert who works closely with the sectors to ensure that sustainability considerations are embedded into business strategy, product development, value chain activities and business processes. A plan has been developed to reduce usage of energy & resources by 2017 as well as to create sustainability ambassadors to support the global drive.

Facilitating Cleaner Production
The Group’s industrial inputs sector is an agent for premium brands which are focused on energy efficiency and useful economic lives of products, contributing greatly to reducing the country’s demand for fossil fuels and energy. Given that the sector’s clientele are mainly large scale national projects, the national contribution is immense. Examples include

Supplied Variable Speed Drives to the Water Board, to save electricity consumption for pumping the water supply from the Kalu Ganga, becoming the industry standard for Sri Lanka, as evinced by subsequent tenders, saving significant quantities of energy for the country.

Provides advisory services on reducing energy consumption and is registered with the Sustainable Energy Authority.

Hayleys PLC has a commendable track record in environmental compliance, supported by robust risk management mechanisms and reporting structures, which ensure that all relevant regulations are complied with. The Group has not been the subject of any investigations / inquiries by regulatory authorities on environmental matters, despite having substantial interests in the manufacturing sector. At entity and sector level, compliance is monitored through regular reporting to the relevant Risk Management Units, while the Boards of Directors of the respective subsidiaries hold apex responsibility for ensuring regulatory compliance. At Hayleys PLC level, the Group Internal Audit function performs regular checks on compliance to all applicable regulations, and findings are reported to the Hayleys PLC Board of Directors through the Group Management Committee.