A World Leader in Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon Solutions, with 16% Global Market Share.

Haycarb produces a complete range of standard, washed and impregnated  granular, powder and extruded  activated carbon in its six production facilities located in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia with an annual capacity of over 53,000 tons to use in diverse applications including water treatment, air treatment, gold recovery, food, beverage, energy storage and other specialty applications.

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As a world leader in manufacture and marketing of coconut shell based activated carbon solutions, Haycarb annually produces over 53,000 tons of activated carbon through its six production facilities located in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia. The high quality activated carbon produced by Haycarb is used in many diverse applications including drinking water treatment, water filters, air purification, industrial and military respirators, gold recovery, food & beverage applications and energy storage. Haycarb consistently invests in global marketing networks, world class research and development facilities, industry centric expert knowledge, value addition processes, state of the art manufacturing plants and integrated in–house engineering services in its dedication to achieve technical excellence, innovation, customer centricity and a sustainable business model.

Puritas, Haycarb’s subsidiary provides a plethora of services to its clientele providing environmental engineering solutions that include water and wastewater treatment systems to the private sector and the public sector in partnership with world leaders in this sphere. It is also involved in the manufacture and marketing of Activated Carbon based consumer products and consultation services for Sustainable Environmental Management.

Activated Carbon Products

We provide activated carbon solutions to many industries. Segments such as water, air, gold, food &, beverage, energy storage and specialty chemical industries are categorized as major application sectors.

Green Carbon

Our facilities can restore and regenerate spent carbon to its original performance level using an environment friendly processes. This unique service helps customers reduce operating costs significantly through the reuse/recycle of spent activated carbon.

Green Charcoaling 

Haycarb’s measures to promote ‘green charcoaling’ resulted in ‘Recogen’, a patented project based on local expertise to reduce the ‘carbon footprint’ of our activated carbon, to make it, “the greenest activated carbon’ in the market. This charcoal is manufactured through a mechanized, pollution-free, carbon neutral process at our own facility, which uses waste gases to generate electricity to the national grid.

‘Haritha Angara’ is a backward integration and sustainability initiative driving towards converting traditional pit charcoaling practices by our suppliers, into eco-friendly closed pit-charcoaling. Both these have helped us to sustainably manage the supply chain in an environmentally friendly manner.


Haycarb’s Environmental Engineering Arm, Puritas (Pvt.) Ltd, specializes in water and waste water systems. It has successfully implemented over 300 water and wastewater purification systems across a variety of industries in Sri Lanka and in the region. The flagship CSR initiative of the Hayleys Group, “Puritas Sath Diyawara” was initiated and managed by Puritas (Private) Ltd.

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