Industrial Solutions, Power & Energy

We take great pride in being a Driving Force in the country’s Power & Energy and ‘Industrial Inputs’ Segments.

With a reputation for top-of-the-line products and service, we have established ourselves over the years, as the premier industrial solutions provider in the business-to-business market, whilst we have become a ‘change agent’ in the Power and Energy Sector, with Vested Interests in Renewable Energy Sources.

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Hayleys Group
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Power & Energy

Innovation in Power

Over the years Hayleys has successfully contributed to sustainable development through hydro and wind power generation. Hayleys currently provides 10 MW of hydro energy to the national grid and is developing several plants in order to provide 15 MW in the future.

The Group also provides complete turnkey solutions, develops and construct power houses, and supplies turbine generators for renewable power projects which currently supply the National Grid.

Nirmalapura Wind Power (Pvt) Ltd commenced commercial operation in 2012, and added10 MW to the National Grid through its wind turbine generators. The venture is a pioneer step towards boosting the power requirements of the nation through renewable and sustainable ‘green’ energy. Joule & Beta wind project commenced operation in 2014 and adds 20 MW to the National Grid

We operate the world’s only pollution-free charcoaling plant, which generates electricity from waste heat, contributing towards reducing fossil fuel driven power generation – an initiative that earned the company rights to trade-in carbon credits under the Kyoto Protocol.

Hayleys Industrial Solutions

We have firmly established ourselves as the premier industrial solutions provider in the business to business market. We are pioneers in providing innovative solutions to each and every situation with a fresh outlook while striving to tailor the solutions to the specific need.

Entities within supply medical imaging equipment & analytical tools; engineering solutions such as building management services with well-known global brands, Industrial raw materials solutions and colour solutions to a wider industry from pigments to paints.

Hayleys Lifesciences

our sustainability principals, Haycolour products adhere to international eco compliance standards as well as buyer regulations.

Hayleys Lifesciences procures and supplies medical, analytical and screening solutions to the Sri Lankan market. In the long-term we plan to penetrate the existing market for specialty medical equipment, while also looking into diversifying into the non-medical sector.

Hayleys Engineering

Hayleys Engineering is a key engineering and building management solutions provider with business partnerships with prestigious international brands such as Volvo Penta, Briggs & Stratton, Toshiba etc. Powered by strong global brand connections and industry expertise we provide diesel generators of wide ranging capacities & energy efficiency solutions, fire protection & detection systems, central A/C & ventilation systems, security solutions & conference systems, pumping solutions, materials handling equipment, and after sales services for all products.



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Industrial Solutions, Power & Energy Companies

Hayleys Industrial Solutions


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