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Hayleys Agriculture Holdings is an industry pioneer and market leader in agriculture, offering a wide spectrum of products and services catering to both the domestic and export markets. We support the Sri Lankan farmer with a diverse portfolio of innovative and sustainable agricultural solutions that caters to the entire agriculture value chain. Moreover our value-added agricultural and horticultural exports to leading multinationals contributes substantially to the foreign exchange of the country.

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Crop Protection and Planting Materials

We market a wide array of crop protection products such as weedicides, fungicides and insecticides and currently have a diverse range of low toxic high efficacy crop protection solutions in the market ensuring low dosage for optimum results. The seed and planting materials division markets a selection of local and imported seeds and planting material including Paddy, Maize, Onion, Potato as well as several upcountry and low country fruit and vegetable seeds.

Agri Equipment

The Hayleys Agri Equipment Division offer a range of machinery for agriculture mechanization from tractors and rice transplanters to sprayers and combine harvesters. We market products covering sectors such as paddy, tea, coconut, dairy etc. We also provide protected agriculture and irrigation solutions such as UV polythene, shade nets, micro & sprinkler irrigations products and green houses. Our success in these industries has been and continues to be the quality of the products we market and the high level of after sales services we provide to our customers throughout the island.

Animal Health

We market a range of animal health products from world renowned research and development companies including Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Hipra, Provimi-Cargill, Vetoquinol, CID Lines, BASF, IDEXX, etc. Our product portfolio also includes a comprehensive pet-care range which keeps your pet companions healthy and happy. Our specialized inputs in the area of livestock nutrition, veterinary medicine and vaccines have brought greater professionalism and productivity to enable profitable livestock farming.

Hayleys Fertilizer

Hayleys Fertilizer provides specially designed fertilizer mixtures to meet the needs of all types of crops grown in Sri Lanka, ranging from tea, coconut and rubber to paddy, vegetables, spices, and fruits. We present unique mixtures of fertilizer which suits different agro ecological zones of the country and our blends cater to a wide range of crop nutrition requirements.

Agri BioTech

Biotech laboratory facility at Nanu Oya utilizes state-of the art technology within an innovative and scientific environment to produce horticultural, edible and flowering young plants through in-vitro tissue culture technology for our customers ranging from nursery owners, breeders, commercial cultivators to landscapers from across the world.

Quality Seeds and Flowers

With over three decades of experience we are the pioneers and the only company involved in hybrid flower seed production in Sri Lanka. Our reputation for absolute reliability and credibility makes us the first preference of the premier seed breeders including several of the top three global seed breeding companies. We now have a diversified product portfolio which includes foliage splits, plugs, liners, young plants and cut flowers.

Food Exports

HJS Condiments Limited is a pioneering manufacturer and exporter of processed fruits and vegetables in Sri Lanka and currently export its value added agri produce to 48 countries around the globe. The majority of our products are directly exported to leading supermarkets, departmental stores and food service companies such as Mc Donald’s, Burger King, Subway, Hungry Jack’s, Hardees, Aldi, Lulu etc. In addition to the processing of fruits into various value-added forms and production of pickled foods products, our sister company Sunfrost Private Limited, cultivate and produce value added spices and coconut-based products as well as a range of moringa based products which are exported to global clientele. We have also initiated collaborations with major players in the global plant-based food industry to add value to local agri produce and develop a range of plant-based meat substitutes.

Pest Management

With decades of solid, hands-on experience in pest control and management services, Hayleys Pest Management Division (HPMD) undertakes all type of pest control and management assignments,  including ‘Pest-Risk Audits’ and preventive pest control treatments for offices, apartments, factories and production units across a wide array of industries. Specialists in both environment-friendly, non-chemical solutions as well as chemical barriers in pest control, HPMD adopts practical, effective and affordable pest control solutions in keeping with the highest international standards. HPMD also offers a range of comprehensive fumigation services against all types of stored product insects, container & cargo fumigations, commodity & silo fumigations, stack and wooden pallet fumigation to ensure that your commodities and export cargo are pest-free, safe and free from contamination.

Hayleys Landscaping

Hayleys Landscaping is recognized as the premier landscaping contractor in Sri Lanka, providing a professional and comprehensive range of landscaping solutions for both residential and commercial establishments. Being a full-fledged landscaping company, we provide a range of indoor and outdoor landscape solutions including green walls and sky gardens. Specializing in overseas turnkey projects from project design to implementation and management, we take pride in our involvement with the Velana international airport landscaping project in the Maldives. Hayleys Landscaping also provides high quality landscaping material ranging from both indoor & outdoor plants to root balled trees, compost and coir substrates.

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