Our Values

Strength in Diversity, Empowered by Equality and Driven by Sustainability.

We are all united and guided by the core values that drive the organization.

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Couple this with innovation, expertise and 130 years of rich business heritage which results in corporate success as well as pioneering progress.

Being on the forefront of several industries, it is the hard work and unanimous support of our workforce that defines who we are, today. Couple this with innovation, expertise and 130 years of rich business heritage which results in corporate success as well as pioneering progress.


Empowering our workforce and generating the passion to be one of the highest foreign exchange earners in Sri Lanka.

The secret and motivation behind the success of Hayleys PLC is deeply rooted in its principles that have been passed down from one workforce generation to another – since 1878. As a result, the company now constitutes 2.78% of Sri Lanka’s total export income, while holding an AA (lka) credit rating by Fitch Ratings.


Transparency, sincerity and timeliness delivered at its level best.

At Hayleys, our business operations work in tandem with our activities for improving community welfare. As a result, every decision we make in the boardroom reflects upon the lives of thousands of local people situated all over the island. Be them rural farmers who form a part of our supply chain to plantation workers who earn their livelihoods from our tea estates, our sustainability initiatives make sure that there is something special to give back to everyone.

Service with a smile

Warmth and professionalism that implies true professionalism.

We strongly believe that our customers are stakeholders who constantly influence and shape the opinions of our organisation. As our wide range of products and services have the capability to enhance and transform the lives of our customers, Hayleys centres its key business strategies around maintaining superior customer centricity. This is achieved by synergising all our consumer touch points to offer nothing but the very best, with employees who understand every objective pertaining to each business’s key objectives.


Exploring fresh opportunities – and succeeding at it!

From being the first coconut shell activated carbon manufacturer in any coconut producing country to spearheading Sri Lanka’s freight forwarding sector, no stone has been left unturned when it comes to boldly venturing into new business territory. Whether it’s our range of food and beverage solutions or fibre and allied products, Hayleys has forayed into a variety of industries that no other business organisation in the country has been able to – with exceptional results.


Locally sourcing over 90% of raw materials for presenting the best of bounties our country has to offer.

With stakeholders both internal and external being a crucial part of our organisation, ensuring optimum welfare of all individuals is a responsibility we passionately strive to accomplish, time and time again. Our CSR efforts span across numerous communities in the country, as we constantly educate ourselves on their needs for healthy, happy and sustainable living.

Efforts such as our Rural Outgrower Programme have been recognised by international charity organisations such as USAID, while INSEAD Business School has exemplified our business cum sustainability strategies as case studies for its globally acclaimed qualifications.


Thinking that’s out-of-the-box by a generation that constantly wishes to innovate.

A workforce that augments the level of quality irrespective of subsidiary or sector, our employees have been given the flexibility to innovate, diversify and go the extra mile. With empowerment comes performance – and ultimately success.

Other stakeholders are also given the potential to go up the corporate ladder – be them investors who seek money raising opportunities to local farmers whose welfare is monitored constantly by listening to their stories and working hand in hand for what they require.


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