Our vision is to be Sri Lanka's corporate
inspiration at all times.

Our Brand

Local in Thought and Global in Reach, Our Brand Embodies our Rich Diversity.

Our brand is symbolic of the difference we make. The globe represents the world of Hayleys and our impact on the world, as we drive growth, empower people, create jobs, stimulate the local economy and take Sri Lanka to the world, with a wide range of high quality products, manufactured locally and distributed globally. We also import and distribute an array of international brands, to be used and enjoyed by consumers throughout the country.

Our brand colour; Green, represents our strong focus on the environment as a business, and the lush freshness of our locally produced goods. It also showcases how we, as a brand, drive the growth, while we passionately embrace and lead innovation.

Hayleys Group
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Our Brand

Sri Lankan at its core, Hayleys is multinational in its operations. It takes renowned international brands and distributes them through the length and breadth of Sri Lanka, while striving to bring out the best out of the resources of the country – natural, human and cultural – by converting them in to ‘World Class’ products and services.
• The ‘circle’ depicts the world, and the global reach of Hayleys.
• The globe shows a montage of activities, symbolic of the diversity of the businesses making up ‘The World of Hayleys’.
• The principal colour- green – depicts the ‘greenness’ of Hayleys, in its care of and concern for, the environment and society.
• The font used depicts the strength and stability of Hayleys and ‘Since 1878’, indicates a heritage and continuity into the future.

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