Established by Chas. P. Hayley in 1878, it has been a 142 year journey of accomplishments.

On January 10th 1878, Chas P. Hayley & Co. was founded in Galle, to import such luxuries as Claret and to export local products, spices, coir yarn and essential oils. Over a century later, Hayleys has grown by diversifying into agriculture, manufacturing and service industries, winning acclaim as a ‘Superbrand’.


1909 Hayleys History


Charles Pickering Hayley forms Chas P. Hayley & Co. in Galle.

1909 Hayleys History


Hayley and Kenny, a partnership formed between W W Kenny and Chas P. Hayley, opens in Colombo.  

1909 Hayleys History


Hayley and Kenny purchases Thurburn Stores, 400, Deans Road premises. 

1909 Hayleys History


Hayley and Kenny becomes a private limited liability company.

1909 Hayleys History


Chas P. Hayley & Co. becomes a private limited liability company and fully owned subsidiary of Hayley and Kenny Ltd.

1909 Hayleys History


George G Hayley with senior executives also subscribing to equity forms Hayleys Ltd. with a paid capital of Rs.200,000/-, to acquire from the heirs of the late Chas P. Hayley and W W Kenny, the entire undertaking of Hayley & Kenny Ltd.

1909 Hayleys History


Hayleys Ltd., becomes a public Company.

1909 Hayleys History


Shipping agency department is formed, later to be reconstituted as Maritime Agencies Ltd. (forerunner of Hayleys Advantis Ltd.).

1909 Hayleys History


Haychem Ltd., a collaboration with Bayer of Germany, is formed to formulate agrochemicals. 

1909 Hayleys History


Haycarb Ltd., is formed to pioneer the manufacture and export of activated carbon from coconut shell charcoal.

1909 Hayleys History


Ravi Industries Ltd., a company engaged in the manufacture of brushes is acquired.

1909 Hayleys History


Dipped Products Ltd., is incorporated to pioneer manufacture of Rubber Gloves.

1909 Hayleys History


The first overseas venture Sorbtech Inc. (now Haymark Inc.) is formed in USA.

1909 Hayleys History


  • Hayleys ventures into Hoteliering through its subsidiary Carbotels Ltd.
  • Employee share ownership schemes are introduced within the group.
  • Hayleys steps in to the business of plantations.
1909 Hayleys History


Hayleys steps into power generation in collaboration with AES corporation of USA.

1909 Hayleys History


  • Group entered into ship owning business, where Maritime Holdings Ltd. makes its maiden investment in the Container Vessel “Orient Stride”.
  • Dipped Products Ltd’s initial overseas plant is set.
1909 Hayleys History


  • Hayleys adopts a new visual identity, replacing its former logo of 50 years, with one more contemporary and representative of the diversity of the Group’s products and services.
  • Hayleys achieve hat trick winning by Sri Lanka’s Best Corporate Citizen title for the third successive year.
1909 Hayleys History


Hayleys becomes one of the ten signatories in the worldwide to CEO Water Mandale of the UN’s Global Compact.

1909 Hayleys History


Hayleys acquires its first city hotel – Ceylon Continental Hotel.

1909 Hayleys History


  • Hayleys enters in to the aluminium extrusions industry by acquiring the Alumex Group.
  • Hayleys re enters and wins the Best Corporate Citizen Award for the 4th consecutive year that it took part in the competition.
  • Hayleys acquires Amaya PLC and becomes a key player in the tourism sector
1909 Hayleys History


The flagship property of Hayleys Leisure, ‘The Kingsbury’ opens its door to guests from near and far

1909 Hayleys History


Hayleys commissions its first wind power plant in Kalpitiya and enters the renewable energy sector of Sri Lanka

1909 Hayleys History


  • Initial Public Offering of ALumex PLC is oversubscribed and Hayleys also acquires controlling stake in Alufab PLC.
  • Hayleys commissions its second wind power plant in Jaffna.
1909 Hayleys History


Hayleys further strengthens itself in the transportation & logstics sector with the commissioning of the Advantis Free Zone

1909 Hayleys History


  • Hayleys gains 75% controlling stake in the Fentons group
  • Hayleys increases its global footprint with the purchase of Kudarah Resort Maldives
  • Hayleys is awarded as Sri Lanka’s Best Corporate Citizen for the 5th year sweeping the boards with a total of 6 key awards
1909 Hayleys History


Hayleys renews its commitment to be a leader in the renewable energy sector with the commissioning of its solar power plant in Welikanda.

1909 Hayleys History


  • Hayleys celebrates 140 years of innovative excellence in Sri Lanka.
  • Hayleys Advantis unveils Sri Lanka’s largest distribution hub.
1909 Hayleys History


  • Hayleys Plantations emerged as the biggest winner, walking away with the highest number of awards at the Social Dialogue and Workplace Cooperation Awards.
  • Hayleys retains numbers one position in 25th edition of LMD 100.
1909 Hayleys History


  • Hayleys Best Tea Plucker Competition Sets Pace for Sri Lankan Tea Industry.
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