DPL First Half Records Rs.10.9Bn Revenue

Group turnover for the 1st half of the financial year was Rs. 10.9 billion, compared to Rs.15.1 billion for the same period of the previous year. The Hand Protection sector contributed a modest Rs 6.18 billion to the Group’s top line, while the Plantation sector recorded a turnover of Rs. 5 billion for the period.

The Group PBT for the 1st half was Rs.227.4 million. The PBT was affected by the losses made in the Plantation sector amounting to Rs.117 million during the period. The Plantation sector was impacted by lower prices both in rubber and tea.

Established in 1976, Dipped Products is one of the leading non-medical rubber glove manufacturers in the world, and accounts for a 5 percent share of the global market. The company’s products now reach 68 countries.

The Board of Directors of Dipped Products PLC comprises Messrs. Mohan Pandithage (Chairman), Dr. K. I. M. Ranasoma (Managing Director), Dhammika Perera, R. K. Witanachchi (Deputy Managing Director), F. Mohideen, K. A. L. S. Fernando, S. C. Ganegoda, M. Bottino, S. Rajapakse, N. A. R. R. S Nanayakkara, S. P. Peiris and K.D.G.Gunaratne.


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