Construction Material

We are Proud to be Sri Lanka’s Leading Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturer.

We offer a wide range of Architectural, Residential and Industrial Products, catering to the top and middle tiers of the Construction Industry. We maintain top-of-the-line manufacturing plants, to meet international standards and satisfy discerning customer needs.

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Construction Material

We are Sri Lanka’s leading aluminium extrusion manufacturer. Our product offerings capture a wide range of architectural, residential and industrial products to the top and middle tier of the construction industry. Alumex products meet international standards and our clientele ranges from sole proprietor engineering workshops to large multinationals. We make it a point to make regular investments in updating our manufacturing infrastructure and technology to maintain top of the line manufacturing plants in a bid to offer our customers high quality products. We use CAD / CAM technology and CNC machinery to design and produce unlimited combinations of shape designs and profiles to satisfy discerning customer needs. Above all we go out of our way to monitor atmospheric emissions, wastewater effluents, generation of solid waste and the use of ‘green’ chemicals to reduce our ecological footprint and add value to our products.

Specialized Design

Our extensive industry experience coupled with the use of material from world renowned suppliers makes us the best in Sri Lanka to design and manufacture specialized designs for heavy vehicles, housing and commercial building purposes.

  • Roller Shutters
  • Ladders
  • Lorry/Bus body
  • Show Case
  • Hand Rails
  • A/C Diffusers
  • Motor Housings
  • Heat Sinks
  •  Customized Designs to suit individual requirements
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