Proud to be the Industry Forerunners in Agricultural Innovation

We play a central role in Sri Lanka’s agricultural sector, offering a wide range of products and services, catering to both the domestic and export markets, while supporting the Sri Lankan farmer with a diverse portfolio of agricultural inputs.

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Hayleys Group
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Agri Exports (Non Food) and Agri Biotech

We propagate unique and rare varieties of plant tissue on a commercial scale with strict adherence to producing disease free, true to type planting materials including horticultural, edible and flowering young plants within a short time

Quality Seeds and Flowers

As the only F1 hybrid flower seed production company in Sri Lanka counting over three decades of experience, Hayleys Quality Seeds & Flowers Division has earned a reputation for credibility from top seed breeders around the globe. We now have a diversified product portfolio which includes foliage splits, plugs, liners, young plants and cut flowers while offering vertical gardening and landscaping services.

Aquatic Agri Products

Being the pioneer in commercial scale seaweed farming in Sri Lanka, we supply our products to the global market for the extraction of Carrageenan that is to be used in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry as well as in the production of organic fertilizer.

Processed Fruits and Vegetables

We export processed and semi processed fruits and vegetables under HJS Condiments in pickled, dehydrated or wet form in jars and cans. Biological extracts of turmeric, cinnamon and garcinia are also included in our product range while Sunfrost Private Limited produces all types of coconut based products to match the export market requirements.

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Agriculture Companies

Hayleys Agro Farms (Pvt) Ltd


Sunfrost (Pvt)Ltd

HJS Condiments Ltd


Haychem (Bangladesh) Ltd


Agro Technica Ltd

Haychem (Pvt)Ltd

Quality Seed Company (Pvt)Ltd


Hayleys Agro Biotech


Hayleys Agriculture Holdings Ltd


Hayleys Agro Fertiliser (Pvt)Ltd