About Hayleys PLC’s reporting

  • Our products are sold in all continents of the world. We have strengthened our position outside our traditional markets through customer acquisition and expansion of distribution networks.

  • Generates 2.9% of Sri Lanka’s export income

  • World’s leading manufacturer of coconut shell based activated carbon with 16% market share

  • 5% global market share of non-medical rubber gloves

  • Sri Lanka’s leading aluminium extrusion manufacturer

  • 3.9% and 3.4% of the country’s tea and rubber production

  • Our global team of high performing employees consist of 35,093 engaged individuals, who are given unique opportunities for development in a dynamic work environment.

  • We have built long-term relationships with local and global suppliers, and responsible purchasing has enabled us to improve social and environmental impacts across our supply chains.

  • We are one of Sri Lanka’s most diversified conglomerates with business interests spanning 12 sectors with a broad coverage of the country’s agriculture, manufacturing and service sectors.

  • The Sustainability perspective is focal to every aspect of our operation. A range of community engagement initiatives have touched the lives of numerous people in the communities we operate in.

  • Our carbon footprint for the year was 95,043 tCO2e

We are committed to operating in accordance with best practices in business integrity and ethics and maintaining the highest standards of financial reporting and corporate governance.

The Group is fully committed towards supporting developments in corporate reporting that provide stakeholders with balanced and relevant information on our value creation process. In doing so, we embark on our 3rd Integrated Annual Report, through which we aim to provide insights into the Group’s strategy, performance and governance with the objective of demonstrating how we create value for our stakeholders. In preparing this report, we have adopted the Integrated Reporting Framework issued by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).

Scope and Boundary

This report covers the aspects that are deemed material to the Group’s strategic direction and stakeholders as determined by the process described in Our Value Creation Model of this report. The report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative G4-Core criteria and aspects and indicators have been selected to best reflect the impacts of its diverse industry exposures.

The Report covers the performance of the businesses of Hayleys PLC and 156 subsidiaries, based in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, India, Bangladesh, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, UK and USA as discussed in Management discussion and analysis . In certain disclosures pertaining to social and environmental impacts, the discussion is limited to the domestic operations and is noted accordingly. The Group adopts an annual reporting cycle and this year’s report covers the period from 1st of April 2014 to 31st of March 2015.

Guiding principles

We subscribe to and report under several domestic and international regulations, standards and frameworks, the more significant of which are the following;

  • Sri Lanka Accounting Standards
  • Integrated Reporting Framework issued by the IIRC
  • Global Reporting Initiative- G4 standards Companies Act No 7 of 2007
  • Listing Rules of the Colombo Stock Exchange
  • Code of Best Practise on Corporate
  • Governance issued jointly by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka
  • Principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)
Precautionary Principle

Hayleys PLC applies the precautionary approach, prescribed under the Principles of the UNGC, across all group companies when determining the balance between expansion and social and environmental sustainability.


External assurance on the financial reports and Director’s Statement of Internal Controls and Sustainability Reporting has been provided by Messrs Ernst & Young, Chartered Accountants.


We understand that Integrated Reporting is evolving principle, and welcome your feedback, suggestions and other comments on our Annual Report. Our contact details are as follows;

Corporate Affairs Unit, Hayleys PLC Email: info@cau.hayleys.com