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The Quality of Life

Hayleys is one of Sri Lanka’s most diversified companies, working in several key growth industry sectors that we dominate. Not everyone knows the full extent and diversity of our activities, yet for 137 years, we have been changing and improving the quality of ordinary people’s lives in thousands of ways… through the world-class products and services we market, through our many business partnerships and the employment and value we create.

Because the quality of our results depends on the quality of our work... and our work is all about the quality of life.


To be Sri Lanka’s corporate inspiration at all times


Delivering superior shareholder value by unleashing the full potential of our people and achieving leadership in all our domestic and global businesses



Ethical and transparent in all our dealings


Enhancing experiences for every customer, from the rural farmer to the global consumer


Exhibiting the will to win which is important to Hayleys and its shareholders


Treating everyone with respect and dignity, providing for the development of our people and rewarding them for good performance


Caring for the communities in which we work, actively supporting their growth and being environmentally responsible in all we do


Working with each other and with our partners across boundaries, to make things happen


Holding ourselves responsible to deliver what we promise

The Hayleys story

Commencing commercial operations in 1878 as Chas. P. Hayley & Co., we became a public company in 1954 as Hayleys Ltd. Embracing innovation and entrepreneurship, we have added value for people and businesses across the country and beyond. It is this spirit that has characterised our growth and the building of a strong and successful enterprise that is active in local and global markets. In addition to Sri Lanka, Hayleys today has manufacturing facilities in Indonesia and Thailand, and marketing operations in Australia, India, Bangladesh, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, UK and USA. The Group accounts for 2.9% of Sri Lanka’s export income, and 3.9% of tea and 3.4% of rubber production.


Charles Pickering Hayley forms Chas P. Hayley & Co. in Galle.


Hayleys Ltd., becomes a public Company.


Shipping agency department is formed, later to be reconstituted as Maritime Agencies Ltd. (forerunner of Hayleys Advantis Ltd.).


Haychem Ltd., a collaboration with Bayer of Germany, is formed to formulate agrochemicals.


Haycarb Ltd., is formed to pioneer the manufacture and export of activated carbon from coconut shell charcoal.


Dipped Products Ltd., is incorporated to pioneer manufacture of Rubber Gloves.


Hayleys ventures into Hoteliering through its subsidiary Carbotels Ltd. Employee share ownership schemes are introduced within the Group. Hayleys steps into the business of plantations.


Hayleys enters in to the aluminium extrusions industry by acquiring the Alumex Group. Hayleys re enters and wins the Best Corporate Citizens Award for the 4th consecutive year that it took part in the competition.

The Hayleys PLC Group’s beginnings date back to 1878, when it was founded by Charles Pickering Hayley to engage in trading of local products such as spices, coir yarn and essential oils. After venturing beyond the initial operations in Galle by forming a partnership in Colombo the business prospered and progressed to formation of Hayley & Kenny Ltd and its subsidiary Chas P Hayley & Co., Ltd, two limited liability companies. Hayleys Ltd was formed in 1952 to acquire the undertaking of Hayley & Kenny Ltd and was subsequently registered as a public company in 1954. In 1958, the Group forayed into the transportation industry with the formation of its shipping agency business; consistent diversification and expansion in this industry space has resulted in the emergence of Hayleys Advantis, which is currently Sri Lanka’s largest transportation solutions provider. The Group ventured in to manufacture of agricultural machinery and spraying equipment in 1964 while formulation & distribution of Agrochemicals commenced in 1968, and strategic expansions to synergistic areas of operation in subsequent years has enabled the Group’s agriculture sector to position itself as an integrated provider of comprehensive agricultural solutions. In 1973, the Group pioneered the manufacture of coconut shell based activated carbon in Sri Lanka through the establishment of Haycarb Ltd, which is now the world’s largest producer, being globally renowned for high quality products and sustainable manufacturing methods. The year 1976 marked the Group’s pioneering entry into rubber gloves, with the formation of Dipped Products Limited, now among the top 5 global manufacturers of nonmedical rubber gloves. Further diversification was pursued in 1991 as the Group entered the leisure and plantation sectors, both of which now have significant market positions. In 2011, the Group expanded its operations to the aluminium extrusion industry with the purchase of Alumex Ltd, which has become Sri Lanka’s leading manufacturer of aluminium profiles.

"Our rich heritage has been the foundation for our years of consistent success in the many spheres of business we have entered...”

The indomitable spirit of our people and their drive for excellence has pushed us to consistently seek exciting opportunities in new industry spaces, and we now operate in 12 diverse industry sectors with a broad coverage of Sri Lanka’s agriculture, industry and service sectors. Today the Group has manufacturing facilities in Indonesia and Thailand, and marketing operations in Australia, India, Bangladesh, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, UK and USA. Innovation has always been at the core of our existence and we have pushed boundaries and redefined industry standards in multiple spheres of our operations, introducing numerous ‘industry firsts’. In essence, as we evolved from a single business entity to one of Sri Lanka’s most respected, diversified Groups, we have created sustainable value to all our shareholders, customers, employees, business partners and the community at large. We take immense pride in having shaped their quality of life for a period of over 13 decades.


Our quest for business excellence and benchmark quality standards have been endorsed and recognised with multiple awards over the years. This year has been no exception; depicted here is a selection of the top awards and recognition received by both the holding company and subsidiaries during 2014/15.